10 Interior Design Tips

For A Modern Master Bedroom

When doing home renovations, the master bedroom is usually last on the list to decorate as most of your budget is allocated to bigger spaces, such as the kitchen or the bathrooms. For most, the bedroom is their sanctuary.

With the right interior design in your bedroom, you too can have a welcoming sanctuary from the outside world. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips to design a beautiful master bedroom which to escape the hustle and bustle of modern day life from.

#1 Plan out your vision for your room

When upgrading your room, be sure to plan it properly. From the colour of the walls to the type of furniture you want in the room. By doing this you’re able to take full advantage of your upgrades without wasting any money as everything is planned for accordingly.

#2 Lighting options

If you’re thinking of upgrading the lighting in your bedroom, consider adding a dimmer lights as well as new bedside lamps. Ensure you have sufficient natural light coming into the room and if it’s not possible, install enough artificial lighting in the forms of lamps.

#3 Choose a colour theme for the room

Neutral bedrooms are always best, as they provide you with a sense of peace and serenity. This will also prove to be of benefit later on should you wish to sell your property as most people are attracted to neutral colours.

#4 Learn to incorporate a variety of textures

To maximise the space you have in your bedroom, try to incorporate different textures to give the room more character. If there is no pattern on your bedding, why not choose some scatter cushions with patterns and sequence on it.

#5 Be creative with your bedroom storage

If your master bedroom doesn’t have sufficient storage space, redecorating is the perfect opportunity to be creative. Having an ottoman at the bottom of the bed is the perfect way to maximise space.

#6 Add some warmth to your room with a rug

With most modern rooms having laminate or wooden flooring, add some natural warmth to your room with a rug. With so many options to choose from, opt for something that won’t date and is  soft in texture to make sure the start to everyday is a good one.

#7 Give yourself a seating area

By having a designated seating area, you’re able to ensure you can keep technology out of your bed and that  you’re able to give your partner the undivided attention they deserve.

#8 Incorporate photography or abstract art pieces in your room

To keep your bedroom a sanctuary and ensure a good night’s rest, add a combination of abstract photography and family portraits to the walls. By varying the sizes of the photo’s, you can make the size of the room appear bigger than it is.

#9 Choose a focal point in your bedroom

If you’re unable to upgrade the entire room to look more modern due to budget constraints, choose a focal point in your room you can upgrade. By changing the room around so you can incorporate a dresser, or an occasional chair, you’re able to change the whole look of the room.

#10 Ensure your partner is involved

This is a space both you and your partner are going to live in for years to come, it is important to ensure your partner is involved in the decision making process. Make it a modern room that meets both your desires.  

Following these easy tips will put you that much closer to having a calm and relaxing haven to retreat to after a long day. You don’t need to break the budget to afford a beautiful main bedroom. Look forward to retreating to your happy place at the end of a long day.