3 Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Bedroom

The bedroom is often referred to as a sacred haven. It is a space that is designed to give comfort, rest and sound sleep. The bedroom is a hidden space, and often kept secret compared to other rooms, for example, the living room. It is a convenient escape where you wish to bliss out in the incredibly comfortable bedding, surrounded by elegant furniture and lighting.

1. Lights


Light is a crucial element in the bedroom. The more natural light you can let into the room the better. A north facing window will ensure you have sunlight during summer and winter.


At night time, you want to be able to create a soft ambience and atmosphere to relax and prepare your body and mind for a good night’s sleep. Dimming lights, whether overhead or bedside lamps, are ideal. Rather use soft, warm white light bulbs opposed to bright, cool white bulbs, to give a warm cosy feeling to the bedroom.


Think out of the box when choosing light fixtures or lamp stands and shades, as they are not only functional, but also plays a large part in the style of decor in the room. The height of the bedside lamps as well as the fabric of the shades are important. Are they covering the light bulb enough to soften the light, but letting enough light through to to comfortably curl up and read by?

2. Furniture


Your bedroom may not necessarily need a lot of furniture. However, designing the layout so that you can include some storage space for throws and extra pillows at the bottom of the bed is ideal. Creating an intimate lounge or reading corner makes the bedroom more versatile and a place one can escape to for some peace and tranquility.

3. Colours


Keeping to a natural colour palette will create a sense of space and a soothing atmosphere.  Layer different shades of neutral colours, combined with different textures to create depth. If you choose to bring in an accent colour, rather go of off-tones, such as plums, jades, and buttery yellow, than primary colours.


By keeping the colour of the walls, drapes and rugs neutral, you can change the accent colours from time to time to either warm up or cool down the atmosphere, depending on the season or mood you would like to create. Light colours are more airy and expansive, while deeper colours are more sophisticated and dramatic.


Work with a good interior designer

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