5 Tips You Can Apply To Create More Space and Visual Depth

Creating the illusion of more space and visual depth in a room is all about the aesthetic appeal of the room, and by incorporating this into your living space, you can create a harmonizing  and welcoming ambiance.

Wanda Michelle Interiors were commissioned by a client in Carlswald Estate, Johannesburg, to do just that, and reinvented their home by applying these 5 tips:

#1 Using Whites and Creams as Your Colour Scheme.

Luxurious Bedrooms - South Africa - Wanda Michelle Interiors

When choosing the colour palette for your living room, stay with different hues of whites and beige and layer them. Choose the colour of the upholstery to be a shade darker than the colour of the walls. Bring it all together by using soft furnishings and accessories which include all the colours used. If you want to bring in some colour, choose one or two colours, a couple of shades softer or deeper than when at their brightest, e.g. teal, rather than turquoise.


#2 Incorporate More Glass Into Your Living Space

Extraordinary Bedroom Designs - Wanda Michelle Interiors

“The use of glass for cabinetry and furniture is a great and unobtrusive way to create more space,” says Megan Van Rooyen, head of design at Wanda . “It’s also great for shower enclosures as it offers a division of space and visual depth without making it seem smaller.”

Make use of glass top coffee tables, servers, large glass flower vases and other finishing’s to enhance your modern interior design.


#3 Make Use of More Natural Materials and Textures

Main Lounge - Wanda Michelle Interiors

When choosing furniture for your home, consider installing a wall panel or cabinet made in mahogany or cherry wood. These types of wood have a finer finish, and also age a lot better. Compliment it with a modern coffee table of set of chairs in the same finish. Dark wood furniture adds weight to the neutral colour scheme and a graceful finish to the room. .  

The type of flooring in your home plays a big role in creating space and depth. Be sure to choose something that can be used across the majority of the house which will give the illusion that there’s more space.


#4 Using Mirrors Is a Creative Way of Creating The Illusion of More Space

Stunning Bathrooms - Wanda Michelle Interiors

“Using mirror is another creative way of making a space seem larger as it gives the illusion of depth,” says Megan. This also reflects  any light in the room which makes it appear larger than it actually is. A perfect example would be to install a big mirror into a small  bathroom.

As the size of the mirror and its placement are an important factor to take into account, be sure to install it in the viewpoint the room is accessed in.


#5 Keep Those Bulkheads To a Minimum

Luxurious Bedroom Designs - Wanda Michelle Interiors

“When you want to maximise the space you have, keep the bulkheads to a minimum in smaller rooms. I would recommend making use of downlights instead of larger hanging fittings,” says Megan. “This allows you to do more with your cabinetry to create depth in the room.”

Contributing to the aesthetic appearance of downlights, there are a number of other benefits to installing this type of lighting. Not only can you enhance the atmosphere from bright to dim and cosy, but this lighting solution is also environmentally friendly!


These are just five ways in which you can create space and depth in your home.By applying these, you can reap the rewards of a more relaxing and inviting space. If you are looking for assistance as to how you can achieve this, you can contact the team at Wanda Michelle Interiors. The team is on standby to assist you in giving your living space a sense of sheer wonder.