Bedroom décor tips to create a personal haven


You don’t have to knock down walls to create the haven you retreat to after a tough day out in the trenches! All it takes is focusing on a few of the basics of bedroom décor to create the ideal sanctuary of comfort to seal the deal on a restful night!

Save yourself a lot of stress by planning well from the start. Once you have a good idea of the colour you’d like on the walls and the type of furniture you’ll feel most comfortable with, filling in the blanks will become easy.

Here are a few tips to consider:


If you’ve been stuck with just one overhead light for too long, think about adding a dimmer light and bedside lamps that don’t just look good, but also switch on and off easily! There are so many options for lighting on the market today that there’s a solution for any lighting problem you may have, especially if your bedroom has very little by way of natural light.


Everything in your bedroom is meant to ooze comfort, and colour plays a big role in this. Make sure that you select colours that you gravitate towards naturally, whether you go for warm shades or cooler shades. The colour you choose for your wall is going to be the backdrop to all other décor you add.
If you have a small bedroom, sticking to one light colour is going to give a sense of space to the room, which can then be enhanced by the décor you choose to add into the space.


The colour you’ve chosen for the walls of your bedroom will play a major role in the theme that unifies everything from the bedcovers to the curtains in your bedroom, which is where the fun really begins. Calm and peaceful, Dramatic, Victorian, Monochrome or Bohemian, whatever the theme you have in mind, make sure you have the right background for it.


Aside from the fact that your bedding is going to play in perfectly with the colour and theme you have decided on, remember that adding touches of texture throughout the room brings an added dimension to the overall picture.
Texture can be represented in faux fur throws across your bed, a cushy rug on the floor and scatter cushions made of different textures for instance. The ideas are limitless when it comes to mixing and matching texture.

Space to chill

If you have the space for it, make sure you have a lounger or cosy chair to curl up in when you aren’t ready for bed. This is especially great if you have big windows with a beautiful view.

Let Wanda Michelle Interiors bring all the finer points of bedroom décor together to design the bedroom of your dreams; they can find the stuff of your dreams a lot easier than you will, and will definitely produce a bedroom that exceeds your highest hopes!