How to Bring Metallics into Your Interior Design and Home Decor

A trend which has really taken the interior design and decor industry by storm is the ability to incorporate metallics. From furniture pieces, feature walls and scatter cushions, these are just some of the minor adjustments you can make..

Herewith three ways in which you can successfully bring this colour scheme into your interior design and decor.

#1 A Subtle Combination Of Colour

This is one way for you to bring the metallics into your master bedroom without fully committing to the change. By having a neutral room colour such as grey and silver, you can quite easily add two or three gunmetal or gold scatter cushions.. You can give the room more texture and depth by adding in a fluffy silver mat at the base of your bed. This really contributes to the elegance of the room and makes a sophisticated statement.

#2 Don’t Be Afraid Of Bringing In A Variety of Colours

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By incorporating a variety of metallics into your living space, you have the opportunity to create a number of focal points within the room. The gold and silver compliments the grey curtains and various shades of grey scatter cushions which are being used. There is so much warmth within the room, thanks to the slight hint of gold, and it adds the balance the room needs.

Compliment the metallic palette with a colour that brings depth to the room, such as shades of teal, navy or purple. Here it was successfully done by upholstering two armchairs in a beautiful Amethyst shade  and draping a vibrant eggplant coloured throw over the lounge suite.

#3 Be Strategic in Your Placing


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To ensure you don’t let the metallics overpower the space, you need to be strategic in the placement of the metallic items within the room. The colour scheme must flow and not be overwhelming, but rather add  to the cool and calm atmosphere.

If you’re wondering how you can make a minor upgrade with a major impact then consider upgrading the lighting. By simply replacing your light fittings or lamp shades, it is possible!

These are just three ways in which you can bring metallics to life when planning your next home improvement.