Celebrate the integral role art plays in the design of your home

Anything that is born in the mind of a creative being and then translated into form can be considered a piece of art.
Beauty abounds in masterfully painted canvases, one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass objects such as vases and sculptures, or freestanding intricately detailed objets d’art through the hand breathing life into its form.

If any work of art makes you stop in your tracks and makes your heart beats faster, grab it and give it a place of honour in your already beautiful home.

The important thing to remember about objets d’art is not to overdo it. Stick to the principle of less is more and you’ll get the balance between art and interior décor just right.
If you speak to anyone at Wanda-Michelle Interiors about incorporating art into your home and the interior décor you love, you’ll find that this is one team as passionate about using art in interior design as they are about design itself.

Nothing can lift a space quite as beautifully as a work of art, whether locally sourced in South Africa or on your travels around the globe.

Art is an extension and expression of our primal need for extra-sensory stimulation that existed since the beginning of time, and to have a home without art is to deprive it of the life energy it deserves.

The joy of hunting for and finding works of art that take your breath away is a special journey imbued with excitement and joy, which comes to life in the spaces you make for the pieces you find along the journey.
Art has such power that the colours of fabrics and finishes you choose can be based almost entirely on a piece that reflects everything you want for the interior design of your home.

While laying your hands on a Da Vinci or Picasso may be nigh on impossible, you still have a world of art out there to choose from, especially when you’re looking for artwork that’ll never be replicated anywhere else.

Every layer you add to the interior design of your home is unique to your taste, and the art you choose should reflect the same individuality to pull all the pieces together to form a home that’s a complete work of art.

This magnificent bronze sculpture of a man with his arms wide open and head thrown back is the perfect foil for the sense of freedom expressed in this exquisite dining room.

It’s without a doubt the only piece of art that could possibly have captured the true essence of this space designed by Wanda-Michelle Interiors.


The earthy tones of these objects d’art juxtaposed against the artwork on the wall and the rich textures in charcoal, grey and silver have turned this lounge into a work of art in itself.

This boldly colourful canvas is the perfect backdrop for anyone who loves to play with colour. All it takes to change the accent colours in this space is to have a multitude of scatter cushions in the cupboard that draw on the prisms of colour on the canvass!

In the dining room below you can see that the design of this room could easily have been based on one relatively small painting. All the shades of plumb are echoed beautifully and tastefully throughout this space, given a soft accent through the use of a smaller gold sculpture and light fixture.

There really isn’t much more that can be said for the way this beautifully classic sculpture melts into the artwork on the wall that doesn’t speak for itself. This is an example of the sheer perfection that interior design and artwork combined creates, making it impossible to imagine a home without art.

After seventeen years of passionately marrying art with interior design, the approach taken by Wanda-Michelle Interiors reflected here is enough to inspire the dreamers and artists among us to make sure that art is an integral part of the design of our homes!