Combine the beauty of nature with sophistication to create an energy of peace & harmony in your home.

Great interior design invites nature into a sophisticated home, to create a balance of peace and harmony so subtle that it flows as effortlessly as a gentle stream from inside out, and outside in.

You don’t have to live in the country to attain the perfect balance of elegance along with the essence of nature.

Different tones of neutral colours indoors mixed with touches of natural stone and wood are a sophisticated backdrop designed to invite nature in.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors have achieved this by using architectural beauty with stunning interior design to pull it all together in soothing, spacious style.

Where to start when inviting the essence of nature into your home:


Furniture designed to suit your style and taste can be given a touch of colour against neutral tones, using different textures of fabric to offset furniture that’s designed using wood.

Make sure that the balance between comfort and aesthetics is just right when it comes to designer furniture choices.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors made exquisite choices in comfortable designer furniture brought to life aesthetically with a stunning mix of textures. A touch of wood, rich, warm fabric and high ceilings give a calming sense of space as featured in this main bedroom.


Sink into designer furniture like this and you’ll know this is the ultimate in sophisticated comfort, delivered by the innate talent of the team at Wanda-Michelle Interiors!


Whether you prefer wood or natural stone for your floors, when installed with care, you’ll have made a wise investment in floors that’ll last a lifetime.

With the exceptional range of natural materials available today, there’s a floor to suit every style and taste.

Wood flooring that deserves a mention here is Oggie Flooring. Beautiful oak planks ranging from classic, aged, contemporary and sleek streamline floors in every room, from inside out.
Oggie flooring is definitely an investment worth making, considering that this stunning oak flooring is backed by a 30 year guarantee!

Mix it up by using natural stone inside and wood flooring outside. The choice is yours, but the point of inviting a sense of nature into your home is to stick to natural materials.

Waterfall Country Estate, which was a turnkey project completed by Wanda-Michelle Interiors, is a prime example of what can be done when natural wood floors are combined with sophisticated neutral and natural surroundings.


Natural stone and other raw materials such as cork, wood and bamboo create a relaxing environment that add fresh energy to other neutral tones used on walls.

Wallpaper is another wall finish that can add superb texture that’ll emphasise and open up the natural feel of any space in your home.

Remember too that the right mirror in the perfect place adds another dimension to the space of any room!

Here are two beautiful examples of what Wanda-Michelle Interiors achieved on these walls, using a mixture of natural materials, wallpaper and mirrors. The end result speaks for itself in terms of reflecting an energy that is both soothing and energising!

The Waterfall Country Estate turnkey project was a project born out of the passion to create a sense of a country lifestyle, but with a highly sleek, modernised and elegant slant few have achieved.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors created a soothing, ambient space that echoes through every room in this beautiful home, managing the project from the architectural stages to construction and the final magical touches of interior décor that has made this a home in a million.

Fully turnkey solutions that include interior design, complete project management, renovations and upgrades as well as new builds are at the core of what Wanda-Michelle Interiors is able to achieve.

Let this innovative, forward thinking team add exclusive, extraordinary interior design to your project with sheer professionalism and finesse!