Light it up with Chandeliers and Pendants

One of the most outstanding features of any space is light, which can transform its design and style, wholly and entirely.  Knowing how to use light naturally and artificially is invaluable because light creates a dramatic sheen in every item in the space. Regardless of how formal or casual a space appears, there are great lighting fixtures that can create the most admired tone. By making use of chandeliers or pendants you can turn the space into a haven, filled with elegance and splendor.

style of the lighting fixture

Mostly, the style of the lighting fixture will be determined by where you desire to hang it, whether in your entryway or in the dining area, as well as how much light you want to create. You can add drama in any space by carefully selecting a dynamic lighting fixture to create the desired atmosphere in your room. Chandeliers generate a greater amount of light and are the perfect option for wide open spaces.

design of a chandelier

The design of a chandelier can be determined by the decor of the space, including the color scheme as well as textiles and textures in the room. Keeping your colours complimentary in all aspects of the decor is imperative for consistency and mood control.

design of a chandelier

The size of the lighting fixture will be based on the available space as well as the primary purpose of the room.  For example, an open or outdoor setting can go well with a large or bold pendant, while, a small classic or sleek pendant can be appealing and apt in smaller cosier setting.

Pendants are meant to enhance

Pendants are meant to enhance the artistic beauty and atmosphere of the space. Therefore, it is also important to consider that pendants may not be the primary source of light in a room, as it focuses the light on a specific area. Therefore, you will want to install your pendant in the middle of the setting, with additional light sources to make it even more striking when integrated into a layered lighting system. One great example is using cove lighting or wall lights, especially in a busy space to bring out the design and even titivate the walls, artwork, or any piece of furniture strategically placed in the space.

Chandelier and pendants are the perfect solution

Chandelier and pendants are the perfect solution to light up and complete your well planned and implemented interior decorating ideas. Contact the team at Wanda Michelle Interiors to assist you in transforming your home to the luxury and exclusive space you deserve.