The Magic of Metallics Used in Home Décor


Most of us think in terms of artwork, lighting or beautiful throws at the foot of the bed when it comes to wanting that styled look in our homes, but what about using metallic pieces for effect instead?

Metallics can serve many more functions than merely adding a touch of rose gold, silver, gold or copper for a sense of luxury and style. Metallics can transform something old into a focal point, brighten a room and even breathe new life into something old.

Here are 5 ways in which metallics can transform areas in your home:


Create a focal point


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It’s impossible to ignore the bright, shiny elements of metallics, so if you are planning on creating a focal point or standout feature in any room that needs a little help, the radiant glow of a metallic piece of art or beautiful metallic lamp is going to do the job beautifully.

Gold, silver, brass and copper blend beautifully, but, if you are using a group of ornate pieces as a focal point, try to stick to one colour of metal.  

If you’re going for a more earthy touches, stick to textured or matte metals.


Turn small rooms into jewel boxes



Decor Metalics 1

The difference that a bit of metallic paint, wallpaper, scatter cushions or lamps can make to a small room is amazing.  Even the smallest bathroom can feel larger by adding a metallic glow to the walls to create a sense of depth in what would otherwise be a dark, claustrophobic room.


Add metallic accents to wood and darker spaces


Interior DecorEven the most ordinary wooden shelves and drawers in a kitchen can be given the glam look simply by adding brass handles and brackets into the mix.  Depending on the colour palette in your kitchen you can go wild with your choice of handles and brackets. If brass doesn’t appeal to you, go for silver or rose gold!

Metallics will brighten up and create a sense of elegance to any dark space.  A gold or chrome fixture to dark wood furniture or cupboards looks amazing. Along with other metallic touches such as coffee tables, small decor items and mirrors will perfectly balance out the darker elements of any space.  


Add warmth to a cool palette


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A warm yet subtle metal colour like antique silver will add a touch of warmth to cooler colours like blues and greys. Soft metal colours work well with light wood floors and furniture, pulling the whole look together very elegantly, without detracting from the overall feeling of serenity.


Add a touch of colour without a complete revamp

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You may feel that you’re ready to do an update but are happy with the overall colour palette in your home, in which case, a touch of metallic is the perfect way to enhance the design without major changes to colour.

A centerpiece or sculpture in silver, gunmetal, bronze or rose gold adds texture and shine that does nothing but add to the glamour of your space, creating new focal points and accents.

A final word on metallics:

Look around at what there is to be had in terms of mixed-metallic wall papers, lighting fixtures, metallic headboards and curtains, ottoman’s, metallic bedding accents and rugs, before you decide on the direction you’d like to take to add glamour to your home.

Better yet, contact WMI for expert input into what their interior designers can do to get the balance just right between your chosen colour palette and the touches of metallics that’ll enhance your unique ideas of stylish home décor.

It really helps to have the best of professional help when you consider that you’ll be the one who has to live with the finished product for a long time to come.  

WMI also makes sure that you’ll have interior décor that’ll be easy to revamp and revitalise when you decide it’s time for a change of décor, without having to start from scratch each time you’d like a change! Are you ready for your change, Contact us here