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15Oct '18

Light it up with Chandeliers and Pendants

15 Oct 2018|

Light it up with Chandeliers and Pendants One of the most outstanding features of any space is light, which can transform its design and style, wholly and entirely.  Knowing how to use light naturally and artificially is invaluable because light [...]

15Sep '18

Make Room for Kids

15 Sep 2018|

Make Room for Kids Having children is a big responsibility. Sometimes just getting them dressed and fed properly can seem like a series of physical, emotional and mental challenges beyond anything that reality TV shows dish up to contestants. Survivor? [...]

5Jul '18

The Art of Design

5 Jul 2018|

The Art of Design A previous post looked at textures in a home. Here we look at how walls offer a different kind of versatility – the potential to display your fine taste in art works. When it comes to [...]

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