Office design layout is a key ingredient to productivity and success


There’s no doubt that creative office design has a profound effect on whether employees are inspired to push the envelope that leads to success, or not.

The role that office design plays in the level of productivity and morale of employees cannot be underestimated.  

The sense of health and well-being created by a well-planned office makes spending eight hours or more a day at work a pleasure for employees, generating a positive energy that makes even the most demanding day easy to rise above.


Key ingredients to great office design:


Windows and lighting

Office interior

The movement towards opening up offices to natural light is in high gear.  Work areas with no windows are not conducive to maintaining focus, but, with just a glance at the world outside, motivation and focus is increased, as is the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

Anyone working in a windowless office is going to lose focus and concentration, which inevitably leads to low morale and loss of productivity.

Bad lighting is the cause of everything from visual fatigue to headaches, stress and a general sense of exhaustion – if, despite introducing as much natural light as possible still isn’t enough, stick to white lights and cooler fluorescent lamps.


The right flow of space

Office Decor


Whether your office design is based on an open space environment or workstations and cubicles, an easy flow of space for free movement is another example of where positive energy is given room to expand, improving communication and the sharing of ideas.

For employees who need quiet in order to concentrate, solutions such as soundproofed offices or technology, like noise cancelling headphones, are an important consideration.  

Productivity is going to suffer and employee morale decline in the face of intruding distractions, which is not a recipe for success.


Quality office furniture

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Believe it or not, productivity and the health of employees are also impacted by the quality of office furniture invested in.  Ergonomic office chairs are a must! It may seem a little over the top, but when employees are comfortable at their desks, the number of sick days reduce, and productivity remains upwardly mobile.

Naturally, the workstations in an office need to align with the space and nature of the business – a high-tech office is going to have a different style of workspace to that of an architect’s office.


Splashes of colour and art

Office Decor color

Colour and art has a profound effect on reducing stress, enhancing morale and increasing creativity, much like natural light does.

Research has shown just how much of an impact colour can have on issues such as focus, creative thinking, decision making and confidence in the workplace.  Materials like natural fibres, cork and wood, among others, add depth and texture to the office design.

Interesting graphics and art can turn what would otherwise be a boring corridor into an enjoyable interlude, and when all these elements are tastefully used in office design, the impact on employee morale is again one that’s uplifting and morale boosting.


Space to relax

office Kitchen interior design


Give your team a space to relax in a stylish informal setting where they can rejuvenate during a break, or have a meeting in an informal setting.

Employees are the lifeblood of business. If you want them performing at peak levels in a healthy, comfortable and inspirational environment, let the team at Wanda Michelle Interiors introduce you to the magic they weave to create streamlined executive work spaces.