Our skills are aimed at tailoring each project specifically to the client’s individual needs.  This is done through one-on-one sessions and this in-depth process gives us the necessary insights we need, as we approach each project holistically, looking at every aspect of the project as a part of a larger whole.

When it comes to the creation of mesmerising spaces, we construct focal points that allow the eyes to sit comfortably on, and then wander to other appealing aspects of the space.  We love using minimal accents, rich textures, layering and lavish textiles because, in the end, the stories each room tells must be elite, exclusive and extraordinary.



Interior design is a multi-faced profession in which both creative and technical design solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built internal environment. These solutions are all together functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.


The art of decorating a space so that it looks beautiful, easy to use and functions well within the existing architecture.  This process would entail applying wallpaper, painting walls and surfaces, choosing furniture, selecting a colour scheme, window dressing and specialty lighting, combining various fabrics with decorations such as paintings and sculptures.


WMI focus primarily on renovations of residential homes and understands the value of restoring a building. It entails repairing the structure, with the emphasis on upgrading the existing property by looking at its structure and design to accommodate the individual needs of the family.


We will analyse and design according to the customer’s spatial and occupancy requirements, including, but not limited to, space layouts and final planning.


Project management is the overall planning, the coordination and the complete rollout of a design project from inception to completion of the project. This is geared at meeting the clients’ requirements in order to produce a functional, efficient and viable process towards realising your desired outcome.


The construction of new houses or other buildings. Incorporating it as part of an existing infrastructure or to provide new build services from the ground up. WMI employs only reputable professionals in the engineering, build and civil engineering fields to ensure supreme quality. We offer full turnkey solutions from foundations, all the way through to automation and security systems.