4 Ways To Create A Stylish Living Space With Over Sized Furniture

Having a visually appealing living space allows for homeowners to experience comfort and elegance in your home. When working with your interior decorators, there are a number of ways in which you can incorporate oversized furniture and a variety of textures and design into your home to give the various rooms their own character.

Incorporating Oversized Furniture into Your Lounge

In order to give your room more depth and dimension with your interior design, be sure to incorporate furniture of different sizes into the room. These items should also vary in material and fabrics of different textures. Make use of a variety of couch designs, and two or three large single seaters.

To compliment the room and your newly selected furniture, don’t select too many bulkheads but rather one or two longer lamps or even a chandelier. This allows for you to create various focal points within the room as well.

Scalability is Everything When It Comes To Interior Decorating

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Something to bear in mind when decorating a bigger room, is that you do not have to fill all the floorspace. Everything in the room should be carefully selected to ensure it is in moderation to the rest of the furniture pieces.

Should you wish to make use of oversized items in your room, you can incorporate glass furniture. This contributes to the depth of the room and assists in creating the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is whilst keeping everything balanced..

Think Out of The Box When Boxed In


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Oversized furniture works really well in smaller space when selected and placed carefully. Start by considering what the space will be used for, and build around its purpose and atmosphere, while keeping the natural flow of light and the walkways in mind. This stylish cigar bar was successfully created in a narrow space, where lots of natural light made it possible to incorporate bold furniture and decor items. By making use of a tall standing lamp and placing artwork on the wall in a way that leads your eye vertically around the room, creates the illusion of space to accommodate and affirm the beautiful large wingback chairs

The colour of your smaller room should be kept monotone as it assists in making the room look bigger. You can then bring the room to life by selecting vibrant soft furnishings and small decorative items.

Perfect for Decks and Outdoor Entertainment Areas.


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The perfect place to use and display oversized furniture would be your outdoor entertainment area. As you spend a great deal of your summer outside, you want to be able to make full use of the vastness of nature and the views in complete comfort

Large daybeds, ottomans, poufs and creative lighting will create a space you can kick back into and relax, or entertain guests. Keep in mind to make use of weather resistant fabrics and material.

These are just four ways in which you can incorporate oversized furniture within your interior design. A trend which is becoming more popular, if you’re looking to give your living space a modern makeover with a twist.