The Psychology of Colour & Interior Décor

Décor isn’t all about what the eye can see, it’s also very much about what happens to our senses as we take it in on every level, which includes those tingly sixth senses we all have!

Ultimately this is the psychology of colour and the effect it can have on how we feel, especially as the rich colours of autumn leaves start falling, grey skies set in and rain comes pelting down!

Getting the balance right in terms of colours on the walls of your home right from the start is important.  It’s not as if you’re suddenly going to paint the walls just to ring in the arrival of winter!

With muted tones of grey’s, or whites and creams, you have a great basic virtual canvas to work with when you’re ready to bring nature indoors, for a warm, inviting winter at home.

In the image above, the rich Teal colour seen in scatter cushions and throw are a perfect foil for different shades of metallic against cream scatter cushions, set against the backdrop of golden light fixtures.

Getting your home ready for winter is just a lifting of the tone of your home to beat away the winter blues.  You don’t have to go wild and redecorate completely.

Whatever your colour tone of choice, you can apply it style fully by looking at different shades combined with a variety of textures. Whatever floats your boat and keeps you happy through the winter is what counts!

Here are just a few suggestions for bringing warmth and light into your home

Wanda Michelle Interiors - dining rooms

  • Throws, scatter cushions and rich warm rugs in a variety of colours and textures that blend together with creating perfect comfort and warmth. Nothing brings a sense of warmth quite like the right rug to sink your toes into on a cold winter’s day!

Professional sandown bedroom designs - Wanda Michelle Interiors

  • Mirrors can also transform a room, bringing in a lot more light and giving the sense of more space than there really is; just make sure it’s in the right frame and in the right place!


  • Change up the curtains too! Don’t be afraid to play around with many shades of metallic – that’s what it’s all about. Bringing light into the dark days of winter!

Extravagant lounge designs - Wanda Michelle Interiors

  • Flames of all kinds to warm the hearth and heart! If you have that beautiful fireplace that’s been idle through summer, get it stoked up now! Not everyone loves candles everywhere, but for those who do, there can never be enough candlelight, and winter calls for going over the top, day and night!


  • Artwork!  A simple, stylish piece of artwork in the right place will always bring new life. Whether it’s a sculpture in rich golden bronze, or a painting wearing all the right colours, if it’s in just the right spot, it’ll work its own magic.


Few of us are inclined towards the artistry of, or have the eye for interior design and decor, which is exactly why we wouldn’t ask our accountant to handle the décor of our homes!

Wanda Michelle Interiors are the interior designers in Gauteng to call on when you’re ready to hand over your key and let passionate professionals give you want you want, and still exceed your expectations!

When this talented team of interior designers get to work on any space in your home, they’ll work with you to bring luxurious 2018 winter colour trends into your home, keeping the grey skies outside, where they belong.

Wanda-Michelle Interiors has remained ahead of their time for 17 years already, bringing versatility and creativity to every project they’ve completed, and they’re not about to drop the ball now that there’s a chill in the air yet again!

If you’re ready to tackle the psychology of colour for winter in your home, take a look at the beauty Wanda-Michelle Interiors create, and get ready for décor and interior design in Gauteng that’ll take your breath away!