Tips for sprucing up any room in your home.

We spend so much of our time away from home that when we finally do get in the door, all we want is to immerse ourselves in a room that’s redolent of sheer comfort and beauty.

Part of what makes a room one that enfolds you in such a way that the outside world just melts away is adding simple touches to the interior décor that’s already in place.

You don’t have to make major changes to spruce up any room, a bit of this and a bit of that added to your original choices in décor will spruce it up without a major hassle.

Add accessories and colours you love:

Accessories are great for sprucing up any room. They can be swapped out for others you collect when the mood takes you. Accessories can include more than just the knick-knacks you love.

Changing up colours with rugs, textures, throws and cushions to brighten up and revitalise a room is just as easy as it is to swap out accessories.

Accessories are a great way to celebrate the changes each passing season brings. If you’ve stuck to muted colours as the pallet against which you paint the colours of your home, these easy changes will hit the sweet spot of beauty and comfort for you.

If you’ve incorporated accents on walls or wallpaper, you’ll have yet another layer to work with in terms of the backdrop you bring changes to.

Magical mirrors:

Anywhere you use a mirror is will make space look bigger and reflect anything from an opposite area. Best of all is that you don’t have to be a professional to get it right. Since you’ll only be using mirrors that aren’t giant-sized, you won’t be restricted to location, shape or style.

Placing mirrors to face a window or any other light source is going to add another dimension to space in the reflection, without a major upheaval to your décor.
As you can see in this image, just a few mirrors placed on this wall by the team at Wanda-Michelle Interiors creates a work of art that reflects the different colours and textures on an opposite area to great effect.


Bring the colours of nature indoors:

There is nothing as easy as bringing new life to any room by adding the greenery of nature or bringing in elements of floral designs that catch your eye.

Add flowers of every colour, size or shape in designer vases, indoor trees and plants to bring new energy to any corner in your home.

Plants bring an added dimension of depth to an elegant, sophisticated open space like the one below that’s been styled by Wanda-Michelle Interiors. Take the greenery out and what would you have to bring life to the muted tones of this room?

All it takes is one plant to make all the difference to this bathroom. It also acts as a natural piece of artwork to breathe life into the whole space.

Let natural light shine in:

Natural light opens up any room and it brings a calm energy in with it, no matter where it comes in. If you’ve got windows designed to invite light in, use it to best effect by making sure you get the maximum benefit out of it without covering up, except as an absolute necessity to privacy.

Not all of us have the natural light of the outdoors pouring in like this stunning dining room designed and styled by Wanda-Michelle Interiors, but we can dream about it and aim for it as the ultimate celebration of natural light!

There’s a lot more that you can do to spruce up your home with just a little effort, such as giving your tiles a facelift or experimenting with everything from textures to furniture. All it takes is a combination of your imagination, creativity and a dash of courage to take a basic concept and turn it into an extension of your individuality.

Most of all, have fun doing whatever it is you choose to do to give any room in your home a facelift without too much outside help!