Uniquely Decorating Luxurious Lodges

Game lodge design doesn’t have to be all about leopard prints, rough wooden furnishings and zebra skin rugs. Elegance and class have made a return to lodge design and decor. Even though most game lodges mirror the raw beauty of the bush they are set in, luxury can, and should, still be present throughout the design process.


As safari experiences become more elite, so too should the look and feel of the luxury accommodation that travellers seek. A mixture of sleek design and rugged appeal compliments diverse textures that mimic their surroundings.

Wanda Michelle Interiors accomplished this with a full design project at Okuti Lodge, Botswana.

Designed to evoke the natural splendour of the environment, they used muted colours and unobtrusive elements to create a comfortable and stylish space.


Gone are the days of rich, warm hues of reds and oranges. Designers are increasingly turning to muted cooler greens and blues to add an almost tropical feel to the otherwise browns and reds of safari lodges. Featuring colours that can be found in the surrounding nature that occur around the lodge,  creates a cozy but stylish space that elicits the natural grandeur of the environment.

Interior Design - Wanda Michelle Interiors

Wanda Michelle Interiors also wanted to create flow through various focal points and an uncluttered feeling throughout.


Design that is influenced by a safari aesthetic can often appear too cluttered, with textures and patterns creating a chaotic atmosphere. This is why keeping to minimalist aesthetic is so important. Achieve a safari look through the basics of the room – the walls, furniture and colours.


One-of-a-kind centerpieces, like wall units, hand-woven rugs, and interestingly carved side tables and benches –  these attention-grabbing pieces are also a great way to include the extremely creative art of the local community in the design and furnishing of the lodge.

Beautiful Lounge Designs - Wanda Michelle Interiors

Handmade pieces by local community members brings an authentic appeal to luxury accommodation and helps to create a stronger link to the surrounding community. Buying local art and taking inspiration from the patterns and textures of local craftsmanship can also achieve this. Including a one-of-a-kind feature in the design of a lodge is the perfect way to create a space that feels truly unique to its setting – so make sure you take as much inspiration from your setting as possible!


The lodge’s unique design allowed Wanda Michelle Interiors to utilise maximum inspiration within a limited spatial area, and the result speaks for itself.

Unique Bedrooms - Wanda Michelle Interiors

With large wall-to-wall glass doors and windows , the rooms of the lodge  appear to be part of the surrounding bush. This also creates an atmosphere of space and light, and blurs the boundary between the inside and outside, and allows safari travellers to experience waking up with the rising sun in the midst of the African bush.


For an upgrade or even a full turnkey solution at your bush lodge, contact Wanda Michelle Interiors. With their keen eye for detail and extensive experience over more than 17 years, they have build a solid reputation built around business that represents savvy design, innovative thinking and tailor-made brilliance.